house tour: kitchen.

Let’s start with this:  I love my kitchen.

The Kitchen

Alright, so it’s not perfect.. but it’s pretty awesome.  That light fixture?  Amazing.  I told the real estate agent that they could take every other light fixture in the house as long as they left that one behind.  It was love at first sight.  When we met the original homeowner she mentioned that she would have taken it with her if she had somewhere to put it in her new living situation.

That doorway near the fridge leads to a small pantry with our washer and dryer.  And lots of randomly placed  cabinets.  They’re kind of a hot mess.  I’m still trying to figure out how to organize them.

The Kitchen

My biggest problem with the kitchen are the cabinets.  Now you may be thinking “what the hell?  they have a ton of cabinets!”  That’s true… I’m not lacking for cabinet space.  My big issue is that these cabinets are TALL.  I can only reach the bottom two shelves of most of them.  Dragging out the step stool every day gets a little old.  But it could be a lot worse.  While I love the simple style of the cabinet fronts, the insides are different story.  They are painted red.  Like primary red.  It’s a little jarring.  Not to mention, there’s a lot of contact paper that’s not in great shape.  When you try to pull it off, it shreds the wood on the shelves.  It is not pretty… just another project to add to our list.

Here’s a great example of the great birthday cards Rich and I get for each other.  Also, my retro canisters.  I always wanted a great set of canisters.  I searched for years and finally found this set a few months ago.  Unfortunately, they’re completely impractical for me and mostly get in my way.  I think they will be making their way out of my kitchen soon.

The Kitchen

We have a great swinging door that leads out to the dining room.  It’s also great for closing off the kitchen when it’s a mess and you have guests over.  Also, while you’re entertaining, the pass through makes a great bar area.

The Kitchen

So there’s the kitchen.  There’s a lot to love, but there are definitely things that are going to change in the future.  As I mentioned, the inside of the cabinets definitely need a coat of paint.  The floor has seen better days.  The cabinet fronts – while the perfect style – are starting to crack and peel.  We’re not sure if they can be rehabbed or if they need to be replaced.  Finally, it’s my dream to get a propane line put in so I can replace to electric cooktop with a gas range.  One thing is for sure… that light fixture is not going anywhere.

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