house tour: guest bedroom/bathroom

The guest bedroom.  Rich is determined to make this the best guest bedroom ever.  It is on it’s way.

As with everything else, we were on a budget, but things came together pretty well.  We purchased the quilt new from Target and threw on our old bedspread for added warmth in the winter.

The Guest Bedroom

Rich’s mother found us the side tables at a thrift store near her house.  A small paint by number helps hide an awkwardly placed outlet.

The Guest Bedroom

This is our (kind of sad looking) gallery wall.  I grabbed a few things to get it started, but wanted to let it grow over time.  But now that I see photos of it, I’m realizing it needs to grow sooner rather than later.  I’ve got a few projects in mind to help bulk up the wall.

The Guest Bedroom

The guest bathroom.  I’m kind of in love with this room.  It’s primarily untouched from the original owners.  The only major change was the addition of some crappy linoleum floor tiles that do not match the rest of the room.  The wallpaper is still in pretty good shape and I love it.  I thought the peach paint would get painted over right away, but it has kind of grown on me.  The paint isn’t in the best condition and someday it will have to be repainted.  I’m not sure if I’ll match the peach or tone it down with a darker brown color.

Guest Bathroom

I love the laminate counter and the sink, complete with hudee ring.

Guest Bathroom

The boar.

You see, I’m not one for picking out art.  I see things and I like them, but I don’t LOVE them and then I second guess them.  It’s not good.  But this boar?  He was life changing.  I don’t know why… I can’t explain it… but I love this boar.  We found him at a flea market and everyone thought I was joking when I said I needed him.  It is probably one of my favorite purchases ever.  I smile everytime I see him and know that I’ll always have a place in my house for him.

Guest Bathroom

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