house tour: the office/the library.

Ah yes, the office.  Rich’s office.  I just avoid this room.

The Office

I leave this room alone… mostly because I can’t stand it.  The previous owners painted the wood paneling.  I hate the color.  I love that they put down VCT floors.  I hate the colors/pattern.  That’s a lot of hate for one room and that can’t be good for a person.  My solution?  I just ignore the room completely.

The Office

Moving on.  The reading room.  We’re lucky enough to have too many bedrooms (for now).  The third bedroom has had a few different set-ups since we bought the house.  But for now it is the reading room.


There’s not much in there – a bookshelf, two chairs, my old nightstand, an old lamp, and that’s about it.  The space isn’t a priority, but if we come across some great things, we’d love to add to the room.  On my wish list: a better table, a much better lamp, an old pull-down map of the United States, and some great accessories.  Rich really doesn’t care about what’s in the room… he just wants some footstools to go with the chairs.


The bedroom previously had a short life as a craft room.  When that wasn’t working, I still needed a place to store my supplies.  After a few trips to Target and a few hours of Rich forcing me to go through all my belongings, we ended up with this.

Craft Closet

You might be more interested in the color of the closet.  Since our entire house is covered in wood paneling, the closets are the only place to get creative.  Besides this, we’ve got a hunter green one and a creamsicle one.  I figured I’d paint the closets right after we moved in, but they have kind of grown on me.

Well, maybe not the creamsicle one.

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