house tour: master bedroom/master bathroom.

The master bedroom.  You might be noticing that it has super fancy wood paneling.  It is darker and richer than the rest of the wood paneling in the house and doesn’t have any knots.  It is really nice paneling.

My main pet peeve in the bedroom is the window trim.  I don’t even know if anyone else would notice this, but when the previous owner replaced the windows, they did a crappy job with the trim.  Maybe they didn’t know how to stain properly.  Maybe they chose a bad wood for staining or didn’t pre-treat the wood.  I’ll never know.  What I do know is that it is a splotchy mess.  It drives me insane.

Master Bedroom

My nightstand is usually not this clean.  Don’t mind the mess of cords, I’m still trying to figure out a good way to deal with that.  Trying to find nightstands that were the proper height for our very low bed was impossible.  We ended up making the nightstands ourselves – some unfinished wood from Lowes and some hairpin legs and we were good to go.


My closet.  Apparently I am the only woman in the world that will complain about having too much closet space.  Rich’s closet is in with the master bathroom.  I am not against the closet space itself, it just bothers me that it takes up an entire wall of our bedroom.  Because of the closet and the rest of the room layout, we are extremely limited in terms of where we can place our furniture.


Across from the bed, we have one of our old dressers.  It’s good for now, but it is too big for the space and is completely empty.  We definitely need some sort of table there, but we haven’t come across anything awesome yet.  One of these days, I’ll get to selling the dresser (and its pair) on craigslist.

The pocket door on the right leads to the master bathroom.


The master bathroom.  Another room I try not to think about.  It’s a little harder considering I use it every day.  While it is all functional, I don’t consider it that easy on the eyes.  I’d love to renovate it, but it’s just not in the budget right now.  I would rather focus on rooms that our guests are more likely to see.

Master Bathroom

Fun story.  When we first moved in, the pocket door had been removed to add a (fourth) light fixture in our (modestly-sized) bathroom.  While you can’t see directly into the bathroom from the bedroom, it was still a little uncomfortable.  We made sure to get the pocket door up and running right away.

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One Response to house tour: master bedroom/master bathroom.

  1. Angela says:

    Oh my god your bedroom walls are beautiful!

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