Ah, Brimfield.

Three times a year, in a small town in central Massachusetts, there is an antique mecca known as Brimfield.  There are thousands of vendors along a one mile stretch of road.  It’s amazing.  And exhausting.  We even managed to tire Hamilton out (a rare feat).


We try to get there every year – twice if we can.  We’re not that big on the July show – way too hot for us.  We always get up super early (4:45am this time!) to try to beat some of the crowds and the sun.  Even if we don’t buy anything, it’s always an awesome time.  Before I share with you what I purchased, I’ll share with you some of the things I passed up.

This dinosaur.  Wow.  Seriously?  He was pretty rad.  Unfortunately I came across him pretty early in the day and wasn’t ready to commit to any purchases yet.


This vendor had tables full of bakelite.  It was gorgeous… but expensive.


A pretty sweet Youngstown metal cabinet.  I’m not in the market for any metal cabinetry, but hopefully someone gave it a good home.


This amazing Preway Fireplace.  We were drooling over this.  One day, we will own one of these… but for $600, it wasn’t happening.


This penguin spoke to me almost as much as my beloved boar.  I was on the fence about buying him.  He was just a bit too rich for my blood… but if he’s still there this spring, I’ll be a haggling machine.


The sculpture.  We first noticed these sculptures at the show in May.  We haven’t been able to stop talking about them and how much we would like one for our front yard.  We stopped by their booth to get a general price range for a future purchase.  While they weren’t cheap – they’re not outrageous.  I tried to convince Rich that we NEEDED to leave with this one.  It turns out that it was his favorite as well.  But Rich decided to be the rational half of our duo and gently reminded me that we have some major landscaping to do before we start adding decorative elements to the front yard.


There were plenty of other dream purchases and near-buys, but there’s no use dwelling in the past.  I’ll just have to wait and see if any of them are still around in May.

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