brimfield purchases.

Now for the good stuff… the purchases of the day.

First purchase of the day… a teak and glass serving dish.  Rich spotted it hidden away, full of naked Barbie dolls.  It’s a bit wobbly.  Rich was able to fix it a little bit, but it might need a felt pad or two to even things out.  Either way, it’s awesome.

Teak and Glass Serving Dish

Vintage arrows.  From New Hampshire.  I’ve been on the hunt for some interesting arrows for years.


Even better?  They weren’t practice arrows.  Check out those arrowheads – they’re deadly.    Seriously… I managed to nick my leg on one as I was carrying them around and now I’m on tetanus watch.  Wish me luck.


Finally, we have batty.  Check out those chompers!  I was on the fence about him – he was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but how could I leave a face like that behind?  I almost missed out on him.  After debating for a bit, I left the booth empty handed.  Rich convinced me to go back for him, but he was in the hands of another woman by the time I returned.  Thankfully, after five painful minutes, she decided not to buy him and I swooped in to claim him.  I’ve been hoping to grow my curios collection and he was a great addition.


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