new couch!

A new couch!

New Couch

The pink beast has been replaced!  Not that I didn’t appreciate it (it was free!), but that thing sucked to nap on.  Pink velour does not breathe well.

We weren’t ready to settle down and buy a boring neutral couch, so we went for a chartreuse green, mid-century inspired couch from Macys.  It’s the Clare Sofa in Ocher.  It is impossible to get a picture that does the color justice.  My picture is a bit washed out (the wall of windows makes things tough), but the picture on the Macys site isn’t quite right either.

So far, we’re loving it.  So are the animals, which isn’t great news for us.  The cats did a number on it their first night alone with it, so they’ll be confined upstairs for a bit.  Hamilton is really into smearing his slobbery bones all over it, so now there’s a no toy/bone on the couch rule.  Maybe the couch should have been the last step of the living room make-over instead of the first.

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