living room changes.

Before we got our new couch, we did a lot of measuring and debating to figure out what to buy: 2 couches, a couch and a loveseat, a couch and some chairs, or a sectional.  We finally settled on a couch and 2 chairs.  Our original plan was to put the couch along the windows and the two chairs floating in the middle of the living room to create an L shaped sitting area.  This would give us a good view of both the wood burning stove and the TV depending on where we sat.

And then the couch showed up.  We placed it along the windows like our original plan, but that configuration didn’t last very long.

Living Room

Right now we have it floating at an angle across the living room.

At first I hated it.  I thought that all you saw when you walked in the room was the couch.

Living Room

But I promised Rich to give it a shot.  And now I love it.

After I stopped focusing on the couch I realized that it really opened up the entire living room.  The windows (and our view) are now the first thing you see when you walk in our house.

Living Room

The major downside to this layout is added seating.  While the couch is perfect for Rich and I, it’s not enough when we’re entertaining.  We’ve contemplated adding a padded bench of some sort but aren’t sure where we’d put it or how it would fit in.

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2 Responses to living room changes.

  1. courtneyjaye says:

    The new couch definitely completes the look of the room better than the pink beast! The open windows to the back yard are AWESOME now! You take great pictures 🙂

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