bookcase update.

The bookcase in the living room has become a bit of a dumping ground lately – mostly because it’s the best place to hide things from Hamilton.

Bookcase - Before

All my purchases from Brimfield have been thrown up there as well.  Things were getting overcrowded and messy.

Bookcase - Before

A quick little re-arranging had things looking better.  Rich and I try to change up the bookshelf every few months – it keeps things a bit more interesting.

Bookcase - After

I managed to find a home for all my Brimfield purchases – the arrows and the bat were hung up and the teak and glass dish is now holding Rich’s rock collection, which had quickly outgrown it’s previous container.  The Pyrex was neatened up a bit but things are overflowing and it is just about time for me to think about selling some of them to make room for more.  After purging some items that I no longer loved, I moved things around until I was happy with the layout.

Now we just have to stop hiding things from Hamilton up there.

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