new pyrex.

Ever since we bought our house, my mother has been all about slowly dropping off any random stuff that I still had at my parent’s house.  Most of it I was expecting – old pictures and other stuff I had asked her to hold on to.  Then it started to get a bit more interesting – I got a fair amount of art that I had created in elementary school among other things.

On her last trip, she dropped off the best thing yet: her old pyrex bowl.

Snowflake Blue Mixing Bowl

Snowflake Blue Mixing Bowl

She never uses it anymore and it has been sitting in the back of a kitchen cabinet for a while now.  My mother figured that it belonged in my collection and I’m very excited to have it.

This is the bowl I learned to bake it.  I remember using it to mix together countless boxed cake and brownie mixes.

(I said I learned how to bake with this bowl, not that I learned to bake well with it… that’s where my mother’s stand mixer came in and she gave that to me a few years back)

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