pinterest: string art.

Ah, Pinterest.  So many great projects, so little time.

Like many bloggers out there, I’m trying to make an effort to get off my butt and actually complete more of the things I pin. The plan is to complete one project a month – large or small.  I’ll be sharing the projects on the last Tuesday of every month… wish me luck!

Month 1: String Art.

I came across this pin a while back and fell in love.  There wasn’t much to change, so I forged ahead following the directions on the twenty-six-to-life pretty closely.

First, I had Rich cut down my board for me.  I went with a 14 x 14 square.  Then, I set about to get a circle on the board.  I tried the pencil on a string method used in the directions and it did not go well for me.  So I moved on to the tried and true method of tracing a circular object.

After I marked every 1/2″ on the circle, I tapped a small nail hole to mark each place.  Next, I was on to the stain.  I used Minwax Dark Walnut, which was just one of the shades we happened to have on hand.

String Art

For the nails, I went with some 3/4″ brass plated nails I found at Lowes – they were only $1.30 for the box.  I did my best to keep things straight and even, but it’s not a huge deal if a nail or two are slightly off.

String Art

I did end up wrapping my yarn slightly different than the directions.

I picked a starting nail and tied the yarn on.  Next, I picked a nail part way across the circle to start the pattern.  I looped the yarn around that nail and back towards the starting nail.

String Art

I then looped the yarn back around the starting nail and then over to the nail to the immediate left of the starting nail.

String Art

Once looped around the nail to the immediate left, I went back across the circle and looped the yarn around the nail to the immediate right of the previous nail I used.

String Art

Continue with that pattern around the entire circle.  Tie off the end, snip the yarn tails, and you’re all set.

String Art

The entire project probably took about an hour of my time – spread out across a two day period thanks to stain needing to dry.  It was a quick and easy way to add a little art to our bookshelf.

String Art

Check out a bunch of other Pinterest inspired projects on Young House Love.

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