hurricane sandy.

We were really lucky and managed to make it through the storm relatively unscathed.  The power only went out for about an hour or so.  We had a few trees fall and some minor fence damage.

Sandy Destruction

Of course, it was one of the sections of fence that we replaced last year – not one of the older sections that still work fine but could used a little tightening up.  Rich got out there last night and fixed it – Hamilton spends a lot of time in the back yard and we need it to be secure.  Three 2×4’s and a roll of chicken wire later (you can only buy it in 50 foot sections) and the fence was back up and running.  Although we need to get back out there and add a few staples for extra stability.

We were super lucky because another tree went down about 2 feet from the fence – if that had hit the fence, it would have taken out almost the entire thing.  And on the upside, the tree that didn’t hit the fence was also a hardwood, so at least we’ll get some free firewood for next year.

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