more pyrex.

Over the past two weeks I’ve managed to score quite a few pieces of pyrex.  One of my local thrift stores always seems to have one or two pieces in stock though the prices and quality are all over the place.  I died the other week when I spotted a full set of butterprint refrigerator dishes, but the pattern was almost completely faded off.  I still contemplated picking them up because I rarely come across any refrigerator dishes.

But on to what I did bring home.

I hemmed and hawed about the zodiac 475 casserole for a few days before biting the bullet.  The gold leaf has some cracks, but otherwise it’s in really good shape.  The 474 casserole in the verde square flowers is my first piece in that pattern.  This is also my first butter dish.  They had a bunch of the spring blossom tableware in stock, but I just grabbed the butter dish.

Spring Blossom Butter Dish, Verde Square Flowers Casserole, Zodiac Casserole

I also picked up the terra cotta rose 474 casserole.  I don’t know much about this, other than it was a promotional item, and I have never seen it before.

Terra Cotta Rose Casserole

The last piece I grabbed was a 1.5 quart casserole in butterfly gold with the matching lid.

Butterfly Gold Casserole

Funny story.  I got to the store and headed over to where the pyrex is kept.  I grabbed the butterfly gold casserole immediately – I couldn’t pass up the lid!  There were a few other pieces of pyrex in stock and I was debating on whether I should pick any of them up.  I was standing in the aisle thinking when a CRAZY woman started grabbing all the pyrex, picking them (rather violently), checking the prices, and then putting them back.  Every single piece.  And she kept throwing me the side eye over the casserole I was holding.  The guy with her asked her why she was so interested in the bowls and she screamed (yes, screamed) “I JUST LIKE THEM, OKAY?”

She didn’t end up buying any of them, but I seriously thought this woman was going to try to tackle me for the casserole.

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