coffee toffee ice cream.

So, there are two things we need to talk about today.  Firstly… lets just ignore the fact that I am showing you ice cream in mid-November.  Yes, it is freezing out (and in my house since I was too lazy to make a fire today), but my love of ice cream will not be stopped by chilly temperatures.

Secondly, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  I hyped this ice cream up in my mind for months before making it.  After making the base and then letting it cool, I realized that my ice cream maker’s bowl wasn’t in the freezer.  So then I had to let that freeze for 24 hours.  All the while, I was sneaking tastes of the ice cream base… and it was amazing.  Pure coffee deliciousness.  I finally churned it and kept sneaking tastes while it was still nice and soft… still amazing.  I let it freeze.  The next day I excitedly scooped some ice cream into a mug and had a little photo shoot.

Coffee Toffee Ice Cream

Coffee Toffee Ice Cream

And then I tasted the ice cream.

It just wasn’t my best effort.  I had some qualms about the recipe, but I forged ahead anyways.  It froze up on the icy side and didn’t have that thick, creamy taste that I associate with homemade ice cream.

So why the long expectation?

Sometimes things just don’t work and I think they’re worth sharing.  Blogs sometimes make it seem like everyone is the perfect chef and all their recipes are pure gold.  And while I know there are plenty of failed recipes behind the scenes, sometimes I think they’re worth putting in the spotlight.

But have no fears.  The recipe had good bones.  A few tweaks and I think we’ll have something fantastic.  Enjoy some pretty photographs today while I rework the recipe.  I should have version 2.0 ready next week.

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