pinterest: paint chip art.

Alright.  I’m back with another Pinterest project.

I found this paint chip art what may have been years ago.  Well, at least a year ago.  I loved how it looked and how it was really inexpensive to create.  This is another project where I pretty much followed the directions given – why mess with something good?

First step:  Gather your supplies.  You’ll need paint chips, a cutting mat, a ruler, an exacto knife, a pen, and a picture frame.  Not shown here is spray mount – but we’ll talk more about that a little later.  My paint chips were Glidden samples from Walmart – I liked them because they were nice and big and had little writing on them.

Paint Chip Art Supplies

Next, you’ll want to cut your paint chips into triangles.  My method was to cut the paint chips into 1.5″ wide strips.  Then I made 1″ marks along the bottom.  I also marked every 1″ along the top, but started 1/2″ in to form my triangles.  Note: there was no reasoning behind my measurements, I just did what seemed to fit well with the size of the paint chips I had.

Measuring Triangles

Time to cut the triangles.  I’ll be honest, this is not the most awesome thing you’ll ever do, but just sit down with some trashy TV show on and go to work.  I messed up the first few, but then managed to get the hang of it.  I found it easiest to keep my ruler over the part that wasn’t getting cut – so as you cut the triangle pops free.  Does that make sense?  Just check out the picture.

Also, after I had some cut, I measured out how many triangles I needed for each row and then figured out how many rows I needed to fill my space.  That way I had a rough idea of how many triangles I needed to cut so I didn’t end up with a ton of waste.

Cutting Triangles

Time to turn these paint chip triangles into art.  We have a few things to discuss here.  First, I just used the piece of paper that came in my frame – one less item to buy.  I drew a line about an 1″ above where the opening in the mat started.  That way I didn’t have to worry about any edges showing and I had a guide to keep my triangles straight as I placed them.

Second, as I mentioned above, I used spray mount.  I would not recommend this.  The original project ran their backing sheet of paper through a Xyron machine.  That is definitely the way to go if you have access to one.  I also contemplated double sided tape, but figured I’d go through a ton, so I tried spray mount.  My method was to spray the back of each triangle (I used an old magazine to spray on) and then placed them.  This was incredibly messy.  My fingers were covered in spray mount and it was getting all over the triangles and leaving stains or pulling the color off the paint chips.  I eventually found a good method – using my spray mount covered hand to pick up the paint chips by the edges and place them near where they needed to go and then using my clean hand to move it to the final position – but it was not fun.  Spray mount will get the job done, but I’d go another route if I was doing this over again.

Phew.  Back to the pictures.

Paint Chip Art

I was completely random in how I placed the triangles – I used 6 different colors and just tried to spread them out evenly and keep things interesting.  I’d say it took me just under an hour to individually spray and place each triangle.  Again, if you had a Xyron machine, this would probably go way quicker.

Once you’re done, let it dry, throw it in a frame, and you’ve got yourself some art.

Paint Chip Art

I’m really pleased how it turned out.  I was picking out all the flaws and marks from the spray mount as I went, but as soon as you put it in the frame, you don’t notice a thing.

The plan will be to add this to the gallery wall in the guest bedroom – once I find and/or purchase new hanging hardware.

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