pinterest: modern paper ornaments.

As the holidays near, I thought it was about time to kick my Pinterest projects into high gear.  I’ll be sharing a holiday project every Tuesday until Christmas.

First up is a project that I have been hanging on to since 2007.  Seriously.  Pre-Pinterest, I’ve somehow managed to keep this project stored away for a snowy day.

I thought these modern paper ornaments would make a quick and easy (oh, and free) project.

First Step: Gather your supplies.  1″x11″ paper strips, X-acto, ruler, and stapler.  Seriously, that’s it.

Paper Ornaments Supplies

Next, pick 3 colors to work with.  You will need 2 strips of 2 colors and 3 strips of the third color.  First, lets deal with the 3 strips.  You are going to do nothing to 2 of them and then you are going to cut the third strip down to 6″.  Next, cut one of the colors down to 7″ and the other color down to 9″.

Paper Ornament Supplies

Line all the stripes up, the smallest in the center, and staple at the top.  I did this is two sections since my staples could just barely make it through all 7 layers.

Paper Ornaments

Once the tops have all been stapled together, it is time to move on to the bottom half.  You want to line the bottoms of the strips up so they are flush and staple.  Be careful not to bend the card stock as you get everything lined up.  Again, I did one half at a time to make everything a little easier.

Paper Ornaments

Staple the second side and you’re all set.

Modern Paper Ornaments

To hang, just string some clear fishing line through the top and knot.

Modern Paper Ornaments

I’ll be honest with you, these did not end up making the cut in my holiday decorations.  I envisioned them hanging in our front windows, mixed in with the glitter snowflakes I hang, but they just got lost in the window.  They looked horrible.  I spent close to an hour stringing them up in various places to see if they worked, but nothing looked right.  I hung a few of them up to snap a photo, but right now, they are hanging out at the bottom of our Christmas bin.

Still, I’m glad I finally did this project and I loved the way they came out.  The ornaments take only a few minutes to construct and are a great way to add a little modern flair to your holiday decorating.

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