holiday baking.

Every year I go a bit overboard with cookies… and this year will be no exception.  This year might even be worse, because we have a lot of random events to attend in the next few weeks.  Usually I spend the last few days before Christmas Eve in the kitchen, so I’ll have an assortment of cookies to offer as a gift to anyone who hosts us over the holidays.  Having more events to attend/host means I’ll need cookies and treats throughout the month.

Now, I doubt this list will be comprehensive.  I’ll skip over a few and probably add a few along the way, but I’m going to do my best to make most of these.  Some are favorites from years past and some will be new.

Rolo Bites: A classic.  Super easy to make, great for snacking.  These always go over well.

Black Bottom Coconut Bites: One of my favorites.  I love brownies, I love coconut, so this was a match made in heaven for me.  They pull together quickly without the use of a stand mixer, which is an added bonus.

Rolo Bites / Coconut Brownie Bites

Snickerdoodles (sorry, no link): Like I said before, they’re probably my signature cookie and an integral part of my holiday baking.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge: The name has me drooling.  I never make fudge since Rich won’t eat it, but now that I have plenty of people to share with, it’s going on the menu.

Dark Chocolate and Mint Chip Clouds: I just came across this recipe the other day and it looks really good.  The Nestle Mint Chocolate Chips are great and I try to stock up when they hit stores.  Follow the cookie recipe on the back of the bag for a great, soft, minty cookie.

Peppermint Mocha Blossoms: Made these last year and everyone loved them… a nice spin off of the traditional Peanut Butter Blossoms.

Nutella Peanut Butter Cup Cookies: I always try to have some peanut butter/chocolate combination.  This year I might take it one step further and go for peanut butter/nutella instead.

Toffee Chip Cookies: One of my favorite cookies.  In my experience, they should be baked for exactly 10 minutes.  No more, no less.

Sea Salt Caramels, Soft Chocolate Caramels, Maple Syrup Caramels: People should be expecting a caramel gift box from me this year.

Apple Pie Egg Rolls: Looking forward to making these for a dinner we are hosting in a few weeks.  Maybe with some Maple Syrup Ice Cream.

I’m contemplating doing decorated sugar cookies this year.  If I follow through with that idea (I probably won’t), I’ll be heading over to Bake at 350 for recipes and instructions.

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5 Responses to holiday baking.

  1. Your coconut bars look delicious! I may have to try some *cough*ALL*cough* of your other cookies. :)

  2. kellycable says:

    Reblogged this on Simple Life Mom and commented:
    I totally love all these cookie ideas pulled together by “My So Called Modern Life”! Thanks!

  3. wee eats says:

    thanks for the shoutout :) those sea salt caramels sound DIVINE … and EVERY YEAR i contemplate doing decorated sugar cookies… and EVERY YEAR it doesn’t happen… one of these days…. lol

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