the christmas tree.

So last year Christmas decorating was a bit of a bust.  It was totally my fault.  We bought our tree and I quickly strung up the lights, only to realize that we needed to buy another strand.  I proceeded to go to no less than 5 Targets in search of our lights, but they were sold out everywhere.  And then I stopped decorating the tree.  So last year we had a half lit tree with no ornaments.  It was sad.

As I mentioned before, this year we plan to have a few more visitors at the house, so I had to step up my decorating a bit.  First up, the tree.  We really went for it this year.  I wanted something tall and I got it.

Christmas Tree!

I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess it is somewhere in the 9-10 foot range.  I love it.

I don’t do themes or anything, other than sticking to mostly green/red ball ornaments.  I actually picked up some really cheap ones at Target to throw in a glass jar, but liked them better than the ones we had, so up on the tree they went… what can I say, I’m drawn to glitter.

Our tree topper isn’t your usual pick.

Tree Topper

Rich and I haven’t found a topper that we love, so we’re holding out.  Last year, while we were waiting for some pizza we ordered, Rich won the fish in a claw game.  It seemed fitting to make it our tree topper.  If you look closely, there’s another fish on the tree.  We were getting pizza again a few days later (don’t judge), and Rich’s sister’s fiance also won a fish in the same claw game.

Christmas Tree!

Everything else is just miscellaneous things that we have been gifted over the years or that we made.

Part of me always wanted the perfectly decorated tree with all matching ornaments, but the miscellaneous thing is growing on me.  Rich and I had a great time pulling out the ornaments and remembering who/where they were from or when we made them.

Now off to continue decorating.  Hopefully we’ll get the outdoor lights up this weekend!

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