new year goals.

So I’m not really one for resolutions.  That being said, I think it’s worth picking a few goals to strive for this year in terms of projects around the house.


First:  We already started this project.  Most of the house had white carpet when we moved in.  We have 4 pets.  It is not a good combination.  So now we’re out to change some of it.  A few months ago, we ripped up the carpet in the upstairs hallway and the spare bedroom.  The plan is to also rip up the carpet in the guest bedroom and then put down a laminate flooring.  Hopefully we’ll be ordering the flooring in the next few weeks and then we’ll get to work.

Guest Bathroom

Second:  Since we’ll be on a flooring kick, we’d also like to tackle the guest bathroom.  Almost the entire bathroom is original and the flooring is just sad.  They’re clearly leftover linoleum tiles from when the previous owners re-did the master bathroom.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but they are beige and purple-y.  And poorly adhered.  The tiles are starting to come up in some places and I might have broken one in half when I was trying to see if there was some awesome original tiles underneath (there’s not).  We’re not sure exactly what we want to do in here, but since it’s such a small room, it should be a relatively quick and inexpensive project.

Fixing the Porch

Third:  Our big spring project.  Hamilton was a bit of a wild puppy and he managed to do some damage to our screened in porch.  And by some damage, I mean he ripped through 4 of the 10 lower panels.  The upper screens were already rocking some decent holes, so it’s time for an overhaul.


Fourth:  My closet.  Yes, I’m lucky enough to have a huge closet all to myself.  A huge orange closet all to myself.  It’s great, but could use some better organization and maybe some paint.  This project is very low priority and may not happen.  Or it may happen very, very slowly over the year.  We’ll see what happens.

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