flooring delivery.

Time to start on some of our house goals for the year!

Flooring Delivery

Last night, all 800 pounds of our new flooring arrived… an hour late and technically 4 days late since they cancelled our last delivery time the morning of.

800 Pounds of Flooring

We moved it into the living room for now.  Mostly because it is the closest room to the front door, but also because we weren’t sure of our game plan yet.  We’re still not 100% sure, but we’re thinking we’ll do one bedroom at a time and the hallway last.  That way we don’t have to move all the furniture downstairs into the office and we can use the office as our main work room.  Also, the cats would still have one room available to hang out in and we can close off the room we’re working on.

Pergo Monson Slate

The flooring we picked was Monson Slate by Pergo, which we ordered through Home Depot.  It ended up being a pretty easy choice for us.  Carpet was out since that is what we were getting rid of.  Hardwood or wood laminate would be the next option, but we figured wood walls and a wood floor might be a little intense.  That pretty much left us with tile, stone, or an alternate laminate.  Although we love the look of real slate, it wasn’t in the budget and we were worried about how chilly it would be in the winter.  The Monson Slate seemed like the perfect fit for our budget and our lifestyle.  We love how the planks are nice and big – just under 1 ft x 2 ft – and can’t wait to see how it will all look together.

Right now, we have purchased enough to finish the 2 spare bedrooms and the upstairs hallway.  Rich thinks that we’re going to end up loving it so much that we buy more and  extend it into our bedroom as well.

Now that the flooring is here, we’ll start ripping up the old linoleum tiles and hopefully we’ll be putting down some flooring this weekend!

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