a quick bathroom update.

Rich insists upon magazines in the bathroom.  I don’t have an issue with this… I did have an issues with the overflowing wooden Ikea magazine holder hiding in the corner behind the toilet gathering dust.

And then we hit The Container Store one day.  I could spend hours in that store.  We weren’t there for anything in particular, but we came out exactly with that I needed (yes needed, not wanted, needed): the perfect magazine rack.

Magazine Rack

Alright, so according to the website it’s supposed to be a wall file, but to us it is the perfect magazine folder.  I’m sure it will be overflowing again soon, but at least it will be nice and stylish underneath the overflow.

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2 Responses to a quick bathroom update.

  1. Amy says:

    I love the tissue box cover! Where did you find it?

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