the flooring saga.

So way back in August, we decided to rip up some carpets on a whim.  We had been talking about it for a while and then just decided to go for it one night when Rich’s sister and her fiance were hanging out.

Let’s start with the befores.

The Guest Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom Before

The Spare Bedroom (aka The Reading Room or Teela’s Office – so basically the room where everything without an official spot goes to live):

Spare Bedroom Before

The Hallway:

Hallway Before

We then proceeded to rip up carpet without any sort of plan.  We worked late into the night on Friday and then picked it back up Saturday afternoon.  We tore through the hallway where we pulled up roughly 10,000 tack strips.

Rich Pulling Up Tack Strips

We were pretty excited to find the wooden stairs in pretty decent shape.  They definitely have some worn down spots, but we’re hoping we can find a good method to refresh them versus having to completely refinish them.


The carpets came up quickly though.  In the end, we only pulled up the carpet in the hallway and the spare bedroom.  We weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do for the flooring in the guest bedroom so left it carpeted.

Teela Pulling Up Carpet

Underneath the carpet we found old linoleum tiles.  They were roughly 8×8 and in pretty rough condition.  A bit stained, pulling up in spots.  They would do for a bit, but they were definitely not a permanent solution.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next step in the process… which only took us roughly 6 months to get to.

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