pyrex finds.

I scored quite a few Pyrex pieces over the past week.  Not only did I manage to get a few great deals, they somehow all ended up being patterns that I collect.

First up: Snowflake Garland mixing bowls #401 and #402 and a Pink Gooseberry Bake Serve and Store casserole #472.  I kind of fell into collecting both of these patterns.  My mom had a Snowflake Garland cinderella bowl that I grew up baking with and she has since passed it along to me.  That bowl will never be leaving my collection, so I might as well add to it.  As for the Gooseberry, my mother-in-law actually started that collection for me.  Last year for my birthday she gave me about 12 Pyrex that she had collected over a few months.  Talk about the best birthday gift ever.

Snowflake Garland / Gooseberry Pyrex

My next find was a Turquoise Mixing Bowl #403.  It’s a little beat up, but I’m hoping a little elbow grease can restore some of it’s glory.

Turquoise Pyrex Mixing Bowl

My last find was probably my favorite find: a Terra Bake Serve and Store casserole #472 with the lid.  Terra is one of my favorite patterns and I have been dying for a lidded casserole!

Pyrex Terra Casserole

Pyrex Terra Casserole

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One Response to pyrex finds.

  1. kittehluvs says:

    those are all wonderful! I am so jealous! Other than 1 forest fancies bowl that I found thrifting, I have not found anything in the past 6+ months. I am having to order pyrex online to quench my addiction. Great finds!

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