curb appeal: part 1.

I always tell people that we fell in love with our house at first sight, but that’s a bit of a lie.  It was more like love at first sight as soon as we found the house hiding amongst the pine trees.  Seriously, check out this curb appeal:

Curb Appeal - BeforeThis was all you could see from the street.

Curb Appeal - Before

We loved the privacy and how cozy the house felt all nestled in the woods.  However, we didn’t love what was causing all that privacy: super, super tall pine trees and roughly 10-15 foot tall rhododendrons that had probably never been pruned.  The rhododendrons could wait, but those pine trees needed to go right away.  For those of you unfamiliar with pine trees, they have very shallow root systems and tend to uproot during storms.  We did not want to have our new house crushed by fallen pine tree.

There was no way we could afford to hire someone to take down all those pine trees, so we looked into our options.  The most affordable solution?  Loggers.  Cost?  Free.

Yes, free.  As long as you have enough trees that need to be downed, they will come do all the work in exchange for the lumber.  I’m focusing on the front yard in the pictures, but once you factored in the back yard, we had at least 50 trees that needed to go.


I need to stress that loggers are not for the faint of heart.  They are not there to make your yard look nice.  They are there to remove trees, make some money off the lumber, and get out and on to the next job as soon as possible.  They will drive their machines over anything in their way.  They will leave all the branches and limbs behind.  And despite their promises, they will leave behind some of the crappier logs that aren’t going to make them money.

Logging Devastation

You will have to pay someone to come clean-up their mess.  If you are like me, you will cry a lot at the sheer overwhelming destruction that they leave behind (emotions might have been running extra high considering we were having a housewarming/wedding anniversary party two weeks after the loggers finished).  And if you are lucky, you’ll have a great husband like Rich who will spend those two weeks moving all those branches into the woods so your yard looks semi-presentable for that aforementioned party.

Next up: Rhododendron clearing and stump grinding.

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