curb appeal: part 2.



So I suppose a quick recap of our timeline might be helpful for those following along with our landscaping journey.  We bought our house in March 2011.  The loggers came in late July of that same year.  Fast forward to November of 2011 and we finally got around to the next phase: stump grinding.

Now other than the stumps, the front circle (the area the driveway curves around) was pretty cleared out.  However, the area right in front of the house still had those pesky un-pruned rhododendrons.  They also got pretty crushed during the logging and were definitely past their prime.  Our front yard looked like a jungle.  

Stump Grinding/Clearing - Before

We also have a small yard area between the garage and the house.  When you walk down the front walkway, this part is on your right.  Previously, this area was home to three huge, slightly dead pine trees.  Post logging, we were left with some sad rhododendrons and some overzealous ground cover.  Oh, and huge stumps.  

Stump Grinding/Clearing Before

Now, as I mentioned, we had lived with this look for a few months.  I wish I could say we were carefully planning our next moves and researching landscapers.  But life just got in the way and we ignored things.  Then a landscaper happened to drive by, dropped off his card and said that he could squeeze us in within a few days if we wanted to get the stumps ground.  And rather than getting a full quote and then calling around to other landscapers to also get quotes and comparing these and choosing who we felt was the best fit for the best price, we just went for it.  Maybe not the best way to go about things, but hey, it all worked out.  

We met briefly with the landscaper to go over what needed to be done.  He made it clear that in order to clear all the stumps, the rhododendrons had to go.  Although they were the last remaining privacy we had, we knew it was time for them to go.

One day of work later and you could actually see what the front of our house looked like. 

Stump Grinding/Clearing - After

Just slightly different than the original picture, huh?

Stump Grinding/Clearing - After
Stump Grinding/Clearing - After


That pretty much wrapped up our landscaping activities in 2011.  We figured we could take the winter to start planning our new front yard and hit the ground running in the spring.

Next up: landscaping in 2012.

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