pyrex finds.

I scored quite a few Pyrex pieces over the past week.  Not only did I manage to get a few great deals, they somehow all ended up being patterns that I collect.

First up: Snowflake Garland mixing bowls #401 and #402 and a Pink Gooseberry Bake Serve and Store casserole #472.  I kind of fell into collecting both of these patterns.  My mom had a Snowflake Garland cinderella bowl that I grew up baking with and she has since passed it along to me.  That bowl will never be leaving my collection, so I might as well add to it.  As for the Gooseberry, my mother-in-law actually started that collection for me.  Last year for my birthday she gave me about 12 Pyrex that she had collected over a few months.  Talk about the best birthday gift ever.

Snowflake Garland / Gooseberry Pyrex

My next find was a Turquoise Mixing Bowl #403.  It’s a little beat up, but I’m hoping a little elbow grease can restore some of it’s glory.

Turquoise Pyrex Mixing Bowl

My last find was probably my favorite find: a Terra Bake Serve and Store casserole #472 with the lid.  Terra is one of my favorite patterns and I have been dying for a lidded casserole!

Pyrex Terra Casserole

Pyrex Terra Casserole

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the weekend.

Sorting Pyrex

BBC Lunch




Stain Test

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the recipe box.

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the flooring saga part 2.

After living with the tiles for 5 months, I was ready to see them go.  We picked up a handy tile scraper at Home Depot and got to work.  The tiles came up pretty quickly once you got a section started.

Pulling up Tiles

We didn’t worry too much about the glue residue (the black stuff).  While we could have purchased chemicals to remove all this, our research found that it wasn’t really necessary unless you were planning on adhering something directly to the subfloor.  Since this is a floating floor, we just left it behind and rolled out the underlayment.

Pulling up Tiles

Our next step was to decide which way to lay the tiles.  We laid out a few rows of tiles (not clicked together) to get a sense of how the flooring would look.  We ended up choosing the direction that made the project way tougher.  We ran the tiles parallel to the back wall, which meant we started under the heating system, which meant we didn’t have a flat surface to work against.  We had to be extra careful with the first few rows to make sure the flooring didn’t slide and stayed straight.  As you can see in the picture, the spacers didn’t help much since they were unable to lay flat against a wall.

Putting down the Floor

Because the tiles are so large (almost 1′ x 2′ each) the flooring went down very quickly.  Watch a few videos demonstrations online and you’ll have no trouble if you’re trying to do it yourself.

New Floors

Our cuts were pretty straightforward until we got to the closet area.  That’s when we started having to get way more precise and do some creative tile cutting.  Not going to lie, I got a little nervous when Rich started cutting into some of the molding, but it all worked out fine.

Precision Work

Over one weekend, we were able to get all the flooring down in both bedrooms.  We still have the hallway (and a billion transitions) to figure out.  We weren’t able to get a lot done last weekend as we were digging out from the blizzard.

We’re also at a bit of a standstill due to some issues with the quarter round.  We ordered the quarter round that was mean to coordinate with our flooring – it wasn’t the exact same, it was a wood tone.  Well, we got white laminate quarter round.  So I called Home Depot and had them send a replacement order, but we got the exact same thing.  Now I’m waiting to hear from the resolution department since the product we’re receiving does not match what is shown on the website.  We’re getting pretty frustrated since we could have had the two bedrooms completely finished and back to normal by now.

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the flooring saga.

So way back in August, we decided to rip up some carpets on a whim.  We had been talking about it for a while and then just decided to go for it one night when Rich’s sister and her fiance were hanging out.

Let’s start with the befores.

The Guest Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom Before

The Spare Bedroom (aka The Reading Room or Teela’s Office – so basically the room where everything without an official spot goes to live):

Spare Bedroom Before

The Hallway:

Hallway Before

We then proceeded to rip up carpet without any sort of plan.  We worked late into the night on Friday and then picked it back up Saturday afternoon.  We tore through the hallway where we pulled up roughly 10,000 tack strips.

Rich Pulling Up Tack Strips

We were pretty excited to find the wooden stairs in pretty decent shape.  They definitely have some worn down spots, but we’re hoping we can find a good method to refresh them versus having to completely refinish them.


The carpets came up quickly though.  In the end, we only pulled up the carpet in the hallway and the spare bedroom.  We weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do for the flooring in the guest bedroom so left it carpeted.

Teela Pulling Up Carpet

Underneath the carpet we found old linoleum tiles.  They were roughly 8×8 and in pretty rough condition.  A bit stained, pulling up in spots.  They would do for a bit, but they were definitely not a permanent solution.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next step in the process… which only took us roughly 6 months to get to.

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the weekend.


Hot Chocolate



Bath time


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the recipe box.

I spend a lot of time looking for recipes on the internet.  Because of this, I have hundreds of recipes stashed away for a rainy day.  I know that I’ll never get around to making everything, so I decided I best start sharing the recipes I find here.  Maybe then someone will make the recipe and report back to me whether it is worth bumping to the top of my list.  Every Friday, I’ll post recipes I’ve come across in the previous week and have added to my recipe list.

Here’s this week’s finds:

  • Cannoli Dip – I’m a huge cannoli fan, and while I don’t plan on making them from scratch anytime soon, I’m all about a recipe that can give me that flavor with a little less work.
  • Cherry M&M Cookies – I’m usually a pretty big fan of the flavored M&Ms – the raspberry ones are amazing!  I’ve never seen the cherry ones, but might have to try to search them out for these cookies.  Or maybe I’ll just substitute in those raspberry ones I mentioned.
  • Butter Cookies – I’m always on the lookout for new cookie recipes.  I try to have one baked good in the house at all times, and cookies are usually quick to pull together, nice to have on hand, and easy to share.
  • Green Bean Fries – I like green beans, I like fries, seems like they’re worth a shot!
  • Baked Parmesan Chicken Wings – I am a huge wing fan, but I never make them at home.  I try to avoid frying stuff – if I started I know I would go overboard.  These baked wings look delicious with a little less guilt than the fried version.
  • Chewy Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies – If we don’t lose power this weekend I am definitely going to make these.
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